Get a cost-effective and flexible solution for Payments Processing.

Financial Institutions

Authorize transactions regardless of its customers’ access channel and payment method.
Adapt your customer service approach and refocus your operation to address a multichannel business


Get the flexibility and agility needed in today’s merchant’s payments space where it’s clear the only constant is “change.”

Our robust, fault-tolerant, secure, and scalable multi-channel payment platform will meet your sales growth and provide a great payment experience.


Process and block fraudulent transactions generated through physical or virtual cards.

Make sure you comply with government regulations and increase your reliability.

Easily expandable

Modular design allows you to add or modify functionality based on specific needs. Modules are available independently or as a package.


OmniPayments will survive any single fault. Requires no downtime for maintenance or upgrades. Supports a wide range of disaster-recovery options.

Equals Savings

OmniPayments guarantees at least 50% off current transaction processing costs. The pricing model is based on a one-time software license, not transaction volume.


OmniPayments supplies complete transaction security functions, including encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-flight. PCI-DSS compliant.

Expand your business model OmniPayments adapts to your needs

OmniCloudX and HPE NonStopX

Impressive and Affordable Together

NonStop X hosts numerous instances of OmniPayments at a price so attractive that mid-size retailers can now enjoy the benefits of having their high-capacity transaction switches.  

Starting at only USD 5,000/month.