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Cost-effective and flexible software for Payments Processing

High availability, scalability, and security, accessible to any business size

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A solution for every need

We offer a comprehensive range of payment software built to meet the unique needs of your business

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Financial Institutions

Effortlessly authorize transactions, no matter the access channel or payment method your customers prefer.

Adapt your customer service approach to cater to the diverse demands of a multichannel business environment

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Provide a great in-store, online and mobile payment experience to your customers.

As your operations grow, our solutions grow with you, providing the flexibility and robustness you need to succeed in the dynamic marketplace.

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Complete real-time payments processing and block fraudulent transactions generated in person or online.

Unlock new levels of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Impressive and affordable together

OmniCloudX and HPE NonStopX

Payment software

Rent the power of the NonStopX fault tolerant servers and OmniPayments high-capacity transaction software joined to offer accessible solutions to mid-size retailers, fintechs and processors.

Starting at only USD 5,000/month

Huge savings

Start from $5,000 with our SaaS model or guarantee the 50% of your current processing costs when purchasing our one-time software license, not transaction volume.


OmniPayments supplies complete transaction security functions, including encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-flight. PCI-DSS compliant.

Easily expandable

Whether you need individual modules or a comprehensive package, our flexible approach ensures that you will get what you need.


No downtime required for maintenance or upgrades. OmniPayments mission-critical solutions survive any single fault and supports a wide range of disaster-recovery options.

24/7 support

At OmniPayments you will not be just another number! We take care of our customers and have real people focused 100% on delivering the very best service whenever they need.

Real time visibility

If you’re looking to see the status of your transactions (even the technicalities!) in real time and in a friendly way, our software can help you make more informed decisions thanks to our dashboards.

Your satisfaction. Our expertise.

Why you should choose us

With a deep understanding of the ever-shifting needs of consumers and businesses, we are committed to helping our clients capture the growing opportunities in real-time payments.

By choosing OmniPayments, you gain a strategic partner that not only provides industry-leading software solutions but also assists you in navigating this dynamic landscape with confidence.

OmniPayments’ Building Blocks | Payment System

Flexibility and Scalability

OmniPayments’ building blocks – The Omnis

OmniPayments is a component-based software design that permits the creation of flexible business services, the kind that users can develop and deploy quickly to enhance the time to market and customer experience.

The Omnis can interact not only with each other but also with existing in-house systems and third-party solutions.

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Meet the OmniPayments Family

They Believe In Us

Check our success use cases we’re proud to be part of. Whether you’re a bank with a huge ATM capacity or a mid-size retailer, OmniPayments has payment software solutions you can trust.

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OmniPayments adapts to your needs. We can always build a customized software solution for your business capacity and budget.