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Gain flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency for your business

Introducing the omnis

Enable a wide range of building blocks and business modules to create an ideal software solution tailored to meet your transactional and infrastructure service requirements.


time to market

Introduce ground-breaking payment software to the market using a flexible and service-oriented architecture (SOA), allowing for extensive customization.


Value-Add Services

Incorporate new services quickly and efficiently following the behaviour of the market and your competition. Add value to your business with the services your business needs to excel.


cost-effective customization

This adaptive framework ensures that businesses of all sizes and industries have access to tailored payment modules precisely when they need them, saving up to 50% of their current processing costs.

initiation, routing and authorization

Transaction Services Omnis

OmniPayments provides a full set of functionalities to support payment transactions that are acquired, authenticated, routed, switched and authorized across multiple input channels, including ATMs, POS terminals, kiosks, IVRs, and the Internet

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Process acquiring and issuing transaction messages, applies rules and routing decisions both on-us and not-on-us – according to financial institutions’ unique configurations.

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ATMs can be driven in their native modes, thereby optimizing their capabilities. They also can be uniquely loaded and controlled from a centralized location. We currently support over 14,000 ATMs. OmniATM Solution Brief

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Available for financial institutions that desire the ability to directly control a POS terminal network and provide merchant settlement and reporting. The module serves as a front end and mediates communication between the POS terminal network and the authorization application(s).

security, visibility and, much more

Infrastructure Services Omnis

Find the Omni that better fits your business needs. From anti-fraud solutions and, interactive performance monitoring to end-to-end settlement processing. We support new features and business functionalities as the market demands.

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Preauthorization engine that removes a significant processing load from issuing banks. Rules can be applied to numerous classifications of transaction sources.

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Secure, web-based facility via which system administrators can monitor, control, and configure OmniPayments without the requirement for system downtime.

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Hardware and software encryption for data-at-rest and data-in-flight, management and migration tools to simplify and speed implementation and digital certificates.

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Digital dashboard that permits a real-time view of transaction flow throughout the system and provides historical data for later analysis.


Rules-based routing engine that serves as the OmniPayments foundation for communication over a variety of protocols and to provide data transformation, intelligent routing, and custom business functions.

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Consolidates transaction feeds into an Operational Data Store (ODS) for enterprise monitoring and for driving other applications.


Provides four-point logging with optional encryption of transaction requests and responses as they enter and leave the system. It generates statistical data for business analysis and reporting while enabling extensive transaction dumping capability.

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Complete universal messaging solution that provides support for multimedia messaging services for e-mail, voice messages, and short message service (SMS) alerts, and streaming multimedia to cell phones and mobile devices.


Fast and interactive performance monitor that provides an intricate view of the HP NonStop server on a 24×7 basis. It integrates seamlessly with applications on the platform and collects and analyses Measure Data generated by the Offender application.

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OmniPayment’s bidirectional data replication engine. Its active/active architecture enables customers to achieve continuous availability by allowing two or more HP NonStop nodes to share an application’s processing load. No third party data-replication engine is required.


Allows the system operator to schedule jobs based on the nature of the job, i.e., the time that the job will take to execute and the most appropriate time for running it. It helps the operator run cleanups and other backend activities while avoiding the peak load times.


Optional module that allows OmniPayments to perform “stand in” processing when a business-critical service, e.g., authorization, is down. If a host is unavailable, OmniStandin automatically is activated and verifies transactions against bank-established parameters.

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