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Pay-for-use and save up to 50% of your current transaction processing fees. Starting at only USD 5,000/month.

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Ensure your transactions are safeguarded against potential risks and threats.

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OmniPayments switch and HPE NonStopX

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HPE NonStopX hosts numerous instances of OmniPayments at a price so attractive that mid-size retailers now can enjoy the benefits of having their own high-capacity transaction switches.

Retailers often acquire Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals from banks linked to their merchant accounts for payment-card transactions. These terminals connect to financial-transaction switches, enabling approval or rejection of transactions with card-issuing institutions like Visa, American Express, etc.

To avoid substantial transaction fees, some large retailers opt to buy their own switches.

Mid-size retailers rarely can justify the cost and management of HP NonStop servers, a mainstay for financial-transaction switches.  OmniCloudX addresses that challenge by delivering high-capacity, affordable OmniPayments switching services built on NonStop’s legendary mission-critical platform.

OmniCloudX is operated on a pay-for-use basis. Each OmniCloudX customer pays only for the amount of CPU resources, storage, and networking that it uses.  OmniCloudX provides backup systems so that a system outage will be recoverable immediately by switching the retailer to another system in the cloud, perhaps even at a different physical location.

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World-class technology for businesses that never stop

Starting at only USD 5,000/month

The highest availability (AL4)
Robust fault-tolerant and security infrastructure
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use case - Modernizing the Acquiring Infrastructure

Casa Ley Migrates from ACI BASE24 to OmniPayments and OmniCloudX

Safe Payment Solutions| Anti-Fraud Payment Solutions| Secure Digital Payments Software

Casa Ley is one of Mexico’s largest, privately held grocery-store chains. With more than 22,000 employees and 300 stores that serve 40 cities in the country. 

They modernized the payments infrastructure and added encryption to comply with new standards. The project was completed within a short period of 6 months with no impact on the business. 

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