OmniCloudX and the NonStop X: Impressive - and Affordable - Together

It is the perfect blend of technologies.  OmniPayments’ new NonStop X serves as the foundation for the company’s OmniCloudX, the next generation of the popular OmniPayments financial-transaction switch.

Combining the blazing speed of the Intel x.86 chip, an open development environment, and NonStop’s fault-tolerant operating system ported to commodity blades, NonStop X hosts numerous instances of OmniPayments at a price so attractive that mid-size retailers now can enjoy the benefits of having their own high-capacity transaction switches. Starting at only $5,000 USD/month.

Most retailers that use Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals for payment-card transactions obtain their terminals from a bank or bank-associated company with which they maintain a merchant account. These entities operate financial-transaction switches that connect the POS terminals to the institutions that issue cards (Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, etc.) in order that transactions can be approved or rejected. The transactions are not free.  As a result, many large retailers have opted to purchase their own switches in order to avoid hefty transaction fees.

Mid-size retailers rarely can justify the cost and management of HP NonStop servers, a mainstay for financial-transaction switches.  OmniCloudX addresses that challenge by delivering high-capacity, affordable OmniPayments switching services built on NonStop’s legendary mission-critical platform.

OmniCloudX is operated on a pay-for-use basis. Each OmniCloudX customer pays only for the amount of CPU resources, storage, and networking that it uses.  OmniCloudX provides backup systems so that a system outage will be recoverable immediately by switching the retailer to another system in the cloud, perhaps even at a different physical location. OmniPayments, Inc. supplies all of the IT staff needed to manage the transaction switches running in its cloud. Also supplied are complete security functions for every transaction handled, including encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-flight. OmniCloudX uses tokenization to comply with PCI-DSS specifications. The use of tokenization eliminates the need to pass sensitive information in unencrypted form to different interfaces.

Available around the clock, OmniCloudX will survive any single fault, requires no downtime for maintenance or upgrades, and supports a range of disaster-recovery solutions. It is easily expandable to provide additional functionality when needed.  Additionally, OmniCloudX can manage multiple devices, can host application interfaces, and can interoperate with third-party products or other systems if required. Like OmniPayments, OmniCloudX supports EMV smart-card technology.