About The Company

About the Company

Welcome to Opsol Integrators and OmniPayments Inc.

Opsol Integrators was founded in 1995 as a specialist in porting open-source solutions to NonStop servers running under OSS (Open System Services).  Opsol is short for “Open Solutions,” and the company addressed customer interest in what was then the new development model of open source.  Nowadays, the NonStop architecture is even more “open,” thereby reducing the challenges once encountered to port Linux/Unix code. Yet considerations remain at times in mapping open-source solutions to the NonStop OSS architecture.  That’s when companies turn to Opsol, recognized in the IT industry as a leading HP NonStop system integrator. “OmniPayments History Article.” Opsol is known for fixed-price application development and for meeting our deadlines.  In fact, our team of 100-plus NonStop programmers can complete just about any project within six months.  We implement solutions from scratch, and we customize and enhance existing system components to operate cost-effectively, more efficiently, and with less risk. Our professional services include architecture design and reviews, programming, web integration, quality assurance, staff training, production, and deployment.  We build applications on all NonStop platforms, including NonStop X.  From our seven worldwide locations, we serve as a 24×7 managed services provider for remote production monitoring. Those same custom development skills allowed Opsol Integrators to create the popular OmniPayments financial-transaction switch.  Now produced by OmniPayments, Inc., Opsol’s product arm, OmniPayments has proven itself to be an attractive BASE24 replacement for customers impacted by ACI’s sunset of BASE24 on NonStop.  A typical migration from BASE24 to OmniPayments takes about four months, and the transition is pain-free.

Management Team


Yash Kapadia


When CEO Yash Kapadia left his tenure as a developer at Tandem Computers, he did not abandon the NonStop platform. Instead, he founded Opsol Integrators, whose team is known worldwide for successfully completing mission-critical custom integration projects on time and well within fixed-price requirements. At Tandem, Yash participated in numerous assignments for customers such as Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and John Deere. Yash’s experience with the financial and retail industries led to the creation of OmniPayments, a financial-transaction switch that runs on NonStop but easily ports to open-source applications.


Mauricio Mier

Vice President

Mauricio has experience in business and technical areas and is responsible for the Latin America region. He joined Opsol in 2009 after a long and successful tenure with Tandem, Compaq and HP, where he held several management positions in Latin America. Maurcio initially started on the NonStop platform in 1989 to build a team to develop System Software for the Tandem operating system. Mr. Mier holds a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.


Lorenzo Fuentes

Vice President

Lorenzo has more than 26 years of experience in management and operations of technical areas for mission critical systems. He began on the NonStop platform in 1987 at Coasin, then held various management positions at Tandem and Adexus Chile. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Santiago.
+569 9227 4614


Alejandro Mendoza Perez

Vice President

Alejandro joined OmniPayments in 2012. He comes with 20 years of experience in different roles at Citibank. In his most recent role Alejandro was responsible for reengineering the switching software and middleware transformation.


Craig Lawrence

Sales and Business Development

Craig brings over 15 years Sales and Business Development experience to OmniPayments in the NonStop and Card payments fields. With global experiences including cross-border payments at SWIFT, HPE (Tandem) NonStop, Retail card payments at Shell Retail, Base24 Card and Fraud Management at ACI, Data Integration and Analytics at Insession Technologies, Mobile Payments and EMV at Aconite-Proxama, Payment resource services at Mphasis, and Cybersecurity at Xypro, Craig brings a broad knowledge of the payments industry to clients looking to embrace the most recent payment technologies of the 21st century. craig@omnipayments.com +44 7894 472124


Maru Mora

VP Unisys and API factory

Maru has over 35 years of experience on Unisys, Tandem and IBM mainframes. Her focus has been on modernization and integration with Open Systems and storage platforms EMC, Netapp, and Oracle. Maru has been responsible at Banamex in senior roles for implementing complex applications at Banamex on Unisys DMSII, COMMS and the MCP platform. She was responsible for Security and Storage DAS, SAN and NAS architectures. Maru has implemented Disaster Recovery plans for Banamex applications.
Maru is certified in ITIL and PMP for administration processes, re-engineering of processes, service management, and project management.
Maru is also a Professor at UNAM University in Mexico.


Peter Schvarcz

NonStop Technology Consultant

Peter has over three decades of NonStop experience predominantly with financial institutions such as stock exchanges and other global financial institutions. Over the decades Peter has assisted various financial institutions with their technology strategy, performance and capacity planning and application design. He has helped customers with their technology decisions and managed several large migration projects.