OmniCrypto - A Bulletproof Suite of Security Solutions

Look no further than OmniPayments Inc. for bulletproof security.  Our OmniCrypto suite of security products is valued by retail and financial networks that manage and deploy unique keys for automatic teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) devices.   Flexible and customizable, OmniCrypto delivers role-based and permissions-based authentication and authorization, hardware and software encryption for data-at-rest and data-in-flight, management and migration tools to simplify and speed implementation, and digital certificates and signatures for e-commerce applications.

In addition to its role as a critical component of the OmniPayments Financial Transaction Switch, a popular ACI BASE24 replacement, OmniCrypto is sold separately and seamlessly integrates with other payment systems.  HP NonStop, Windows, UNIX and Linux are supported platforms.

Based on a modern, component-based design and an open SOA environment, OmniCrypto includes modules for ATM/POS transaction security ● ATM key management ● Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ● encryption and tamper proofing of database/files, passwords and credentials-based user authentication ● and role-based Access Control Lists (ACL) for user authentication. It offers complete card and PIN management services that are fully compliant with ANSI X9.8 (3DES) and ANSI X9.24 (Unique Keys), works with third-party products to provide two-factor authentication, and supports the CVV, CVV2, iCVV, ARQC, CSC, and CVC verification codes.

OmniCrypto is PCI-DSS compliant and conforms to all industry standards.  It can be accessed from other computers via standard SOA application servers so that companies can use OmniCrypto as their centralized authentication security service.  Via a common interface, OmniCrypto offloads encryption to Hardware Security Modules (HSM) such as HP Atalla and Thales.  For high volumes, OmniCrypto will route transactions to a pool of HSM devices to achieve fault tolerance and load balancing.

OmniCrypto’s SecureChannel allows client applications to communicate securely with server applications via SSL (secure socket layer).  SecureFile Transport encrypts any type of file for transfer from one place to another.

Key Features of OmniCrypto

Interfaces with HP Atalla and Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Digital Certificates, Signatures, Secure Email (SMIME)

User Authentication and Authorization

Works with 3rd party products to provide two-factor authentication

3DES (ANSI X9.8) PIN and Password Management

ATM/POS (ANSI X9.24) Unique and Dynamic Key Management

Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Flight Encryption

Supports CVV, CVV2, iCVV, ARQC, CSC, and CVC Verification