OmniPayments Overview

Welcome To OmniPayments

OmniPayments Throughput

10,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS)

OmniPayments systems in production today process 1 billion transactions per month with subsecond latency.  A single OmniPayments system supports 10,000 TPS.

OmniPayments Reliability

Reliable (99.99999%), Scalable, and Secure

OmniPayments is built on the HPE NonStop platform to provide the ultimate in fault-tolerant availability, immense linear scalability, and bulletproof data integrity.

OmniPayments Pricing Model

50% Off Your Current Transaction Processing Costs

The OmniPayments pricing model is based not on transaction volume but instead on a one-time software license.  Customers will save at least 50% off their current transaction processing costs.

OmniPayments is a comprehensive architecture by which financial institutions acquire, authenticate, route, switch and authorize transactions across multiple input channels such as ATMs, POS terminals, kiosks, IVRs and the Internet. It supplies a full set of functionalities to support payment transactions. Based on a modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), OmniPayments consists of several service modules. The critical payment components are built on NonStop for the highest availability. OmniPayments is now available on NonStop X.

OmniPayments easily expands to provide additional functionality when needed and supplies complete security functions for every financial transaction handled, including encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-flight. It will survive any single fault, requires no downtime for maintenance or upgrades, and supports a range of disaster recovery solutions. Additionally, OmniPayments can manage multiple devices, can host application interfaces, and can interoperate with third-party products or other systems if required. It easily can be architected to support future devices as well as current and legacy terminals.

OmniPayments systems in production today process 1 billion transactions per month, generated by point-of-sales terminals and over 14,000 ATMs. A single OmniPayments system supports up to 10,000 transactions per second. Multiple OmniPayments systems can cooperate to provide any capacity required by an application.

Managed Services Provider – From our seven worldwide locations, we serve as a 24×7 managed services provider for remote production monitoring.

Modular Design – OmniPayments’ modular design allows a customer to add or modify functionality based on the customer’s specific requirements.  Modules are sold independently or as a package.  Its flexibility allows customers to support new or updated service offerings such as home banking and applications on mobile devices.

Custom Implementation – our team of 100-plus NonStop programmers is known for rapid project turnarounds and meeting deadlines.  We customize and enhance the OmniPayments solution to meet your specific requirements.

ACI BASE24 Migration – OmniPayments replaces ACI BASE24 via a pain-free migration and with no disruption to customer services. The average migration schedule is four months.

OmniCloudX – OmniCloudX is a SaaS cloud platform implemented on NonStop X.  It hosts numerous instances of OmniPayments on a pay-for-use basis.  Each OmniCloudX customer pays only for the amount of CPU resources, storage and networking that it uses.

Pricing Model – The OmniPayments pricing model is based not on transaction volume but instead on a one-time software license.  As a result, OmniPayments guarantees that customers will save at least 50% off their current transaction processing costs.  OmniCloudX is offered at a price so attractive that mid-size retailers can enjoy the benefits of their own high-capacity transaction switches. Starting at only USD $5000 per month.