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Opsol Integrators Inc. is seeking Software Programmer for its 1566 La Pradera Drive, Campbell, CA office.

Software Programmer ( C / C++ / Java )

Job Category: Developer     Location: Campbell

Minimum job requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical or Electronics Engineering or related

Prior distribution leadership, recruiting, agency establishment.

2 years of work experience.

Technical skills required

Knowledge of C language, Security Software, De-bugging and Testing.

Background in software applications processing high transactions volume.


Create computer programs to store data and information; Research, design, and develop computer software applications; Software testing and design, analyzing business requirements, coding the software test applications, debugging performance and stress issues, testing automation applications, and coding software applications; Convert data from project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to create or modify computer programs; Converting detailed logical flow charts, entering program codes into the system, testing data, interpreting program operations codes, and correcting program errors using methods such as modifying programs or altering the sequence of program steps.
If interested apply by mailing your resume to E-Mail: