Payment Services Hub

Not everyone uses a financial institution for traditional banking services. Those who don’t are considered “unbanked.”  OmniCloudX now has been configured as a Payment Services Hub to support the needs of unbanked customers.

Via their Tax IDs, Social Security numbers, National IDs, etc., unbanked customers can be paid wages by employers, can make payments to merchants, or can receive government subsidies via the use of approved OmniCloudX Payment Centers.  OmniCloudX serves as the Payment Services Hub (PSH) so that unbanked customers and member merchants can interact in a vibrant, virtual marketplace.

OmniPayments, Inc.’s new deployment of the OmniCloudX Payment Services Hub is for the milk producers of a Latin American country.  Over 700 factories produce milk products and sell their goods through four country-wide corporations.  The milk is provided to the factories by millions of farmers, many of whom are unbanked.   OmniPayments has established a network of participating stores that serve as payment centers, or cashiers, for unbanked customers.  The stores are connected to the OmniCloudX Payment Services Hub.  Who registers for Hub membership are the factories, the farmers, and the merchants who wish to sell goods to other members.  Registered farmers download an OmniPayments-developed Android app for use as a mobile payment center.  When they are notified that the factories have paid them, the farmers can receive their payments in cash at one of the payment centers or can redirect their payments to the purchase of goods from Hub-registered merchants.

The OmniCloudX Payment Services Hub keeps track of what is sold to the factories, what is owed and paid to the farmers, and what transactions are made between merchants and other Hub members.  Its infrastructure provides a real-time, 24×7 centralized view of all payment activities. Fault-tolerant and cost-effective, the Hub’s enormous transaction capacity comes courtesy of its NonStop X environment.  OmniCloudX also provides preauthorization services via the OmniPayments Preauthorization Engine and seamlessly connects Linux/Windows-based applications to NonStop.


24x7 Centralized View of All Payment Activities
Enormous Transaction Capacity (TPS)