Application Services

OmniPayments offers financial institutions all the requisite functionality to manage credit card and debit card transactions. The primary function of the OmniPayments Financial Transaction Switch is to route financial transactions to issuing banks for authorization. However, OmniPayments also provides additional services to enhance credit-card and debit-card use. As is the case with other aspects of OmniPayments, application services parameters easily can be expanded to provide additional functionality as needed.

Application Services

Acquiring Devices

OmniPayments manages requests from ATMs, POS terminals, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, the Internet, and bank tellers.  It supports all major ATM devices, including those from Diebold, Fujitsu, IBM, NCR, Tidel, Triton, and IFX.  It also supports all major POS devices, e.g., Hypercom, VeriFone, Wincor, and Triton.  OmniPayments’ custom implementation services create client-specific  ATM screens for web-based activities.

Issuing Bank Interfaces

OmniPayments supports all protocols required to interface to a financial institution’s authorization systems and to the interchange switches. Among the interchange switches supported  are VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, NETS/eNETS, PLUS, STAR, and INTERLINK.


OmniPayments supports numerous transaction types depending upon the capabilities of the transaction initiator. Transaction types include cash withdrawals and deposits, account transfers, purchases, refunds, balance inquiries, post-dated transactions (bill payments) and non-currency dispensing, e.g., postage stamps.


For an on-us transaction, OmniPayments confirms a card’s validity and that the requested transaction is within the cardholder limits. Validity checks are made according to parameters provided to OmniPayments by the customer bank.


Once a transaction has been validated, OmniPayments routes it for authorization to the issuing bank, either locally or via an interchange switch. OmniPayments then returns the issuer’s response to the transaction originator for appropriate action.

Stand-in Authorization

If the local bank’s authorization system is unavailable, OmniPayments can optionally provide stand-in authorization. Based on a negative card file or other information, it can make the decision as to whether or not to authorize a transaction. OmniPayments queues all stand-in transactions and sends them to the bank’s authorization system as soon as it becomes available.


OmniPayments uses four-point logging for all transactions.  An incoming transaction is logged as it is received and as it is routed, and its response is similarly logged. OmniPayments also logs the results of other functions. The customer bank can configure the logging points and formats for the bank’s specific installation.


OmniPayments provides complete settlement of all funds due among the sharing institutions and interchanges as a result of the day’s activities. It coordinates end-of-day settlement processing with the acquisition devices, the bank’s host authorization systems, and the remote issuing banks.

Operational Data Store

OmniHub works in conjunction with OmniPayments and consolidates transaction feeds into an Operational Data Store (ODS) for enterprise monitoring and for driving other applications.


OmniPayments makes provisions for all Industry-standard data security services, including DES and 3DES, as well as such verification functions as CVV, CVC, ARQC, and AVS.

System Administration

OmniPayments offers complete system administration facilities. No third-party products are required.  OmniConsole allows system administrators to monitor control, and configure OmniPayments with no need for downtime.  OmniConsole also monitors ATM performance.  OmniDash provides a digital dashboard that enables drill-down status of every OmniPayments component.  OmniOffender monitors the underlying HP NonStop server performance.

Additional Services

Among OmniPayments services are the following:  card management, charges and fees, language support, and foreign currency transactions.